wer rettet dina foxx?

Rescue Dina Foxx! is a cross-platform experience that highlights the dangers of digital identity theft, and revolves around the charismatic digital privacy activist Dina Foxx aka Datagrrl. Created by German public broadcaster ZDF, TV production company teamWorx and new media powerhouse UFA Lab, the project combines television, online, gaming, and live events in a radically novel way: a TV-movie ends with a cliffhanger and the experience continues as a 3-week alternate reality game. The project therefore consists of three phases: pre-TV, TV-movie and post-TV.

In the three-week long pre-TV phase, important strands are placed on the Internet. The characters are brought to life through blogs, social media profiles and guerrilla action involving Datagrrl. This generates interest in the project and channels traffic to the digital privacy NGO www.freidaten.org. Here, among other things, participants can explore a virtual version of Dina Foxx’s apartment – which has been converted to a ‘privacy room’ – and learn how everyday objects like credit cards or telephones can become privacy traps. Towards the end of this phase, Dina’s boyfriend Vasco dies and Dina is arrested on suspicion of murder, which sets the context for the ensuingdrama.

In the 50-minute TV-movie that follows, Dina is seen talkingto her lawyer in prison. Flashbacks reveal how her boyfriend Vasco became paranoid and died under mysterious circumstances, and how, when she began to investigate, she became the object of various digital attacks that culminated with her arrest for Vasco’s murder. Beyond simply telling the story, these flashbacks also bringthose viewers up to date who missed the pre-TV stage. At the end of the movie, Dina is confronted with incriminating video material that calls her innocence into question – but leads her to claiming her world has been manipulated by a digital Doppelgänger. At this dramatic moment, the movie ends abruptly and viewers have to go online to solve the crime.

Here, they find out that some radical members of freidaten.org secretly organize a prison breakout for Dina. Now on the run, she uses the Internet to stay in touch with participants and pleads with them to help her catch the real murderer and prove her innocence. In this phase, every participant can choose between three levels of involvement. The most intense one requires them to participate in the alternate reality game and collectively solve various quests. The experience becomes a little easier if the participant chooses to instead go to the ‘privacy room’ of the pre-TV phase to discover it has now become the setting for a 3-week long point-and-click adventure. The third level represents the lean back version of Rescue Dina Foxx! Here, Dina’s friend Jason, wanting to clear her name, provides regular updates on events for those viewers who just want to follow the story. Involving a 50-minute TV movie, 60 online videos totaling 300 minutes,30 audio clips, 20 fictitious websites, 30 social media profiles, a game application and various live events, this is Germany’s biggest ever alternate reality game.

Client: ZDF

Year: 2012

– Banff 2012 The Rockies, Grand Prize: Best Interactive Program
– Banff 2012 The Rockies: Best Cross-Platform Project
– Fiction Programs- ver.di Television Award 2012: Best Screenplay
– New York Festivals 2012, Online Entertainment Program: Gold World Medal
– Annual Multimedia Award 2012: Gold for Event/Game/Installation
– UFA Innovation Award 2011

– Prix Europa 2011: Best Online Project
– Grimme Award 2012: Fiction/Special
– SXSW 2012 Design Awards: Excellence in Title Design