In 2015, MESH Collective launched Germanys first YouTube-campaign focussing on biodiversity together with the German Youth Association for the Protection of Nature – on YouTube.
The campaign’s goal was to reach out to new target groups to heighten their awareness for environmental topics. The campaign wanted to demonstrate ways in which biodiversity affects our everday lives and how everyone can contribute to the protection of our environment.

MESH chose the International Day of Biodiversity, the 22nd of May, as a starting point for the campaign and the YouTube channel “Prof. Kaboom” for the campaign video. The video presents 10 funny and unheard of facts concerning animal sexuality – “Prof.Kaboom” was chosen specially for this campaign as it follows the lives of two real guinea pigs. Both pigs are dubbed by well known german YouTubers Chan and Tense. The campaign was a huge success, gathering over 90.000 views.

Client: Naturschutzjugend

Year: 2015