„RLF“ is named after Theodor W. Adorno’s dictum: Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen [there is no right life in the wrong one]. With this artistic and simultaneously revolutionary transmedia project ARTE, Suhrkamp, Project-Office Friedrich von Borries and UFA LAB are creating a playful yet serious critique of capitalism. The project is composed of a novel, a website that playfully prepares for revolution, a mockumentary for ARTE as well as real existing products, which can be purchased. All of these elements are embedded within a larger story. The aim of the project is to defeat capitalism with its own tools.

RLF won an N.I.C.E. Award and received nominations for the BANFF World Media Award as well as the Prix Europa.


Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter #startarevolution

Client: Arte

Year: 2014