The second round of RAPutation.tv took part from December 2013 to April 2014. RAPutation.tv is the first german online casting format with the single purpose of empowering young rappers to spread their political message and convince a larger audience of their abilities. The shows motto:„Your message, your mic!“

This year’s winner is 24- year-old rapper Cossu from Heidelberg. He was elected best political rapper of Germany on April 11th during the final RAPutation Show which took place in Berlins HipHop club de jour: The Binuu.

Out of a total of 229 applicants Cossu made it to the finale as one of the top three where he was was voted best rapper by a high profile rap jury consisitng of Sokee, MoTrip and Weekend and the audience.

As the winner Cossu receives a professional music production of the winning track, including beats of Melbeatz, a recording session in the 7inch Studio , and a song release on the Juice CD.

The show gives young newcomers aged between 14 and 24 to prove their abilities in three thematically different challenges. Their accomplishments int hese challenges were evaluated not only by the jury but also via online public voting. The jury’s assesment and ratings are streamed online using Google Hangouts on Air.

Interviews and meetings between contestants and german politicians take place throughout the course of the show. To maintain the shows politically neutral purpose, all parties take an active part in these get-to-gethers. For example politicians such as Gregor Gysi, Cansel Kiziltepe or Jens Spahn from the CDU participated in the RAPutation.TV spin off „Anschnallen, Bitte“, where politicians, Show contestans and full fledge rappers drive through Berlin in the RAPutation.TV cab while discussing the young newcomers song messages.

These Taxi-interviews and many more have been published continuously on Youtube.

The first cycle of RAPutation.tv was nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2013 and won the CIVIS Online Media Prize for Integration in 2013 .

RAPutation.tv is produced by the nonprofit media initiative DU HAST DIE MACHT, whose aim is to inspire young people to deal with political issues. DU HAST DIE MACHT executes different creative strategies to improve a young generation’s political participation and creates different projects together with young people to promote democratic consciousness. DU HAST DIE MACHT is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and implemented by the UFA GmbH.

Year: 2013