rail adventures

In the past, people who wanted to travel bought travel guides. Today, one simply uses the internet. In 2011, UFA offered Rail Adventures, a new opportunity to become inspired to travel through online videos produced for Eurail.Com B.V., a website that sells tickets for European railway companies. In the one to three minute videos, the most beautiful cities of Europe were shown.

Australian host, Angus McGruther, traveled to over 14 cities giving travel tips and insight on sightseeing, nightlife, food, accommodation and the specific cultures and subcultures encountered. The shows were displayed on an online map in which one could click on a specific city and see the video that accompanied it. Also included was the YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/eurail) and a Facebook app. In total, 40 videos were made and embedded on various websites.

The concept and project was headed by Philiip Brandts and Kristian Costa-Zahn.

Year: 2010