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MESH Collective is a media initiative based at UFA X Berlin and is specialist in online video education.

MESH Collective aims to rouse the interest of teenagers and young adults for and in political and societal relations, to give them the means to further understand the connections and different structures in our society. MESH Collective pursues this goal to empower young people with the help of innovative digital campaigns and online video productions. All of our productions strive to promote social commitment and civic participation in young citizens.

MESH COLLECTIVE is known for its effectual online strategies and successful YouTube formats with well known german YouTube artists and their broad audiences. Our productions include the YouTube-news-shows “BrainFed” and “TenseInforms”, which are supported by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Hashtag campaign #YTfragtMerkel (a.k.a: YouTube asks Merkel), which scored 1st place in the german twitter charts and many individual format productions with other famous german YouTube artists like Mr.Wissen2Go or Rayk Anders.

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