master of maya 

The mobile trading card game reveals a mystical Mayan world that is being threatened with destruction – the Mayan calendar has proclaimed the end of the world. The wrath of the god TOHIL for the indolence of man is great and his patience is almost up. The Master of Maya enters the battle for the reign over the realm of the sun. The pursuit of honor and glory is the last hope for man because only at the level of Ma-Huns, the level of the “god kings”, can Master of Maya appease TOHIL and save the world from destruction.

The player takes on the role of a Mayan warlord. As Master of Maya he/she has to navigate the elaborate and strategic memory cards and lead an army campaign against other Masters. The goal is to climb to the level of Ma-Huns and become immortal.

Master of Maya is a free-to-play game with various features that allow for multiplayer fun. It offers different gameplay for casual and hardcore gamers in five different languages that allow for worldwide competition. Hundreds of character cards, a laboratory for mutation and a temple for ritual offerings are all at the players dispense. The extra large starter pack, as well as a trading system and booster packs with special cards keep the game engaging and attractive for extended play.

Year: 2012