Let’s Kick


Let'S Kick

For the biggest sport event of the year 2014, the UFA LAB and UFA SHOW & FACTUAL produced the FIFA Let’s Play Show: LET’S KICK. The Co-Production was realized in collaboration with the multi-channel Network Divimove as part of the SHOOTRS program with the UFA. The production took place at the Nobeo Studios in Köln-Hürth.

The EA Sports Game: ‚FIFA football-world-cup Brazil 2014’ was the center of the show and was played by YouTube-Stars on a Playstation 3 in front of an audience. The results were used as predictions for the real games. The hype towards the world cup was primarily used as an awareness trigger for the audience of LET’S KICK. The format tried to combine the viewing patterns from the „Let’s Play Culture“ on YouTube with a show and event expertise.

In the first round and last 16 only the games of the German team were played, from the quarter finals on, all games were played. The LET’S KICK games were released on the Youtube-channel ‚Spielwiese’. The final and the match of the third place were also shown on MyVideo. After the World Cup all matches were uploaded there as well.

Best Of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsJKpj3sA3k

Let’s Kick Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW7Xffc4KkB4tUakxcSCDbeoh4uYbvr6r

Year: 2014