kommissar kluftinger herzblut

On February 26, 2013, the Droemer Knaur Publishing House published “Herzblut — Kluftingers neuer Fall“ the seventh issue from the cult Allgäu crime series. UFA Lab created a innovative social media campaign for the marketing of the book as well as additional content for its enhanced eBook. Kristian Costa-Zahn, Head of Creation at UFA Lab and producers Christina Schollerer and Thorsten Heger were responsible for the creation and implementation of this project.

The idea behind the two-week-long social media campaign was to create an “Allgäu invasion“ in which the world becomes “Allgaufizised“. This was done with TV parodies on YouTube and a Facebook app. Through the app, users were able to use an „Allgä-rithm“ to check their level of “Allgäu-ness“. There progress could be shared directly with friends across various networks and through this, new users could be generated. A timed unveiling of the app, highscore competitions and prizes also helped push the campaign.

The enhanced eBook also offered the user an entertaining added value through extra features. Included in this was an Allgäu dictionary that offered profiles of the characters and a “Which Klufti character are you?“ personality test that one could take on the website but could only take the full version of by obtaining the eBook.

Year: 2013