Ewig Mein


EWIG mein 

In Forever Mine, the story of the book does not begin on the first page but instead long before the reader even picks the book up. Before fans read the story, they can explore various media from the world in which the story takes place. A central element of this is the website www.ewig-mein.de where users are introduced to protagonist and comic illustrator Linda Kaminski. Her newest project deals with motion comics, an artform that has until now not been explored in Germany.

The motion comic consists of seven episodes, each ending with a cliffhanger. If the viewer wants to see more, he/she has two choices: wait 2 days for the next episode or share the most recent episode on their Facebook timeline. Those that share the latest episode on Facebook with their friends are awarded with immediate access to the end of the episode where the cliffhanger is resolved. The cliffhangers and Facebook mechanism that allows the use of sharing to be integrated into this storytelling structure allow for a viral spread of the campaign.

Forever Mine fuses marketing with storytelling and tells a story that fluidly connects with the book and eBook that continue the story. In addition to the videos and book/eBook the campaign also uses other methods to keep its audience engaged. The introduction video from the author is done in various locations from the cliffhanger videos and by shining a light on the cover of the book, one finds a hidden telephone number that if called, leads the caller to one of Linda‘s answering machines where they can hear messages left by other characters from the book. The eBook also contains illustrations that are done in the style of the motion comic videos.

Year: 2012