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Doc meets Dorf


doc meets dorf 

„Doc meets Dorf“, a new romantic drama series produced by UFA FICTION and broadcast by RTL, premiered on 22nd of August. UFA LAB is responsible for a comprehensive social media campaign called „Home is where your heart is“. A large fanbase was established weeks before the actual release. 2.47 million viewers tuned in to the launch of „Doc meets Dorf“, making the first episode number 1 of all programs in Germany.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DocMeetsDorf, where all campaign elements interconnect. Interviews with cast members, photos from the shoot and character introductions gained viewers’ attention and excitement well before the series was broadcast. Videos produced exclusively for the campaign provide a unique view behind the scenes. Fans are always adressed at eye level, and the page has a continuously high level of activity ensuring its visibility within the network.

One component is the Tumblr blog of Matthias Bulwark, policeman „Till“ in the series, where he releases a music video after each episode. Some other components are a number of user generated content campaigns on Twitter, an audio series titled „Come back home, Fritzi!“ and many prizes such as tickets for a preview event and props. Throughout, the page is kept in the center of all conversations, which ensures wide online attention.

Client: RTL

Year: 2013