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Dina Foxx – deadly contact


Dina Foxx – Deadly Contact from ZDF and UFA is a uniquely immersive entertainment event

The TV and online thriller „Dina Foxx“ is back! This time around, Dina finds herself in the middle of a ruthless war between the food industry and political activists. She fights to save the life of her brother and to stop a fast spreading pandemic.

After watching the first part of the story in a television movie, viewers can go to dinafoxx.zdf.de (starting 09. November 2014) and experience more thrilling content: a web series, a game and a 360-video-investigation. After they have learned more about the looming threat of a pandemic, viewers can then tune in to the second television movie, which concludes Dina’s story.

Client: ZDF

Year: 2014

Who is chasing Dina Foxx? – The web series
At the end of the first TV movie, Dina is seen running away from a mysterious pursuer. Viewers are then urged to go online to watch as Dina figures out who is attacking her and for what reason. Set in a dark basement, the 7-episode, 30-minute web series provides interesting insights for viewers see the television movies with different eyes.

Fight the epidemic! – The casual game
A more interactive part of the “Dina Foxx” experience is a casual game. Here, users help scientist Killian identify the deadly virus and find a cure via a 50-level match-3-game. This game is optimised for touch devices so users can engage with the Dina Foxx experience on their bus ride or during their coffee break.

Discover the whole truth! – The 360°-video-investigation
The most interactive aspect comes when Jason interviews other characters about crucial moments in the story. These interviews lead users into seven different 360-degree memory reconstructions – part video, part illustration – that contain vital clues. Each clue leads to a riddle – 62 in total – that users must solve: by finding fictitious websites, by scanning the movie, by remembering hints from other riddles and by employing their own deductive logic. The reward for all this work? Only in this part of the experience do they find out the whole truth – and if they solve enough riddles, they unlock Jason’s humorous roundups of the whole truth.