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die Filmkiller


Die Filmkiller

“Die Filmkiller” is a campaign for copyright protection that targets children and youth ages 8-13. This particular age group is one that is increasingly prone to access legally protected content online in an illegal manner. Through this campaign, the consequences of illegal downloading are explained in an entertaining way. The campaign was initiated by the UFA Film & TV Produktion GmbH and implemented with the support of Germany’s Society for the Administration of Film and Television Rights (GWFF).

The website, designed as a film set, is the central point of the campaign and is accompanied by different coordinated online modules. A star-studded short film forms the heart of “Die Filmkiller“ and begins with an intense action sequence that is forced to end without team, picture, sound and props. Additionally, a fictional “making of“ video is presented and throughthis, the economic damages of illegal downloading along with personal consequences such as job loss are illustrated.

Directed by actor/director/writer Sergej Moya and featuring a well-known cast including Kai Schumann (“Doctors Diary“, “Der Minister“), Maxim Mehmet (“Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter“, “NVA“), Frederik Lau („Die Welle“, „Türkisch für Anfänger“), Susan Hoecke, Carlo Ljubek, Timo Jacobs and Hans Uwe Bauer the campaign creates interest and provides knowledge on media piracy, without lecturing its target audience.

Client: GWFF

Year: 2013