Die essenz des guten 

Your Ex: Women want to have sex; marriage and kids with him and men want to hang out with him at the bar. He is just that kind of guy. He has an apartment next to Eiffel tower and does something in the field of architecture where his beautiful secretary constantly feeds him croissants.
You: Your Facebook status says “single“, the only friend you have is your new roommate and you live in the ground floor of your apartment building. Now that you have started your internship, the company officially has 2 employees…you are one of them.

Lena just finished university and has made “the big move” to Berlin. As if the distancebetween her and her boyfriend who now lives in Paris isn’t enough, he breaks up withher very chivalrously…via Facebook. With longing and rage Lena follows her Ex’s new seemingly exciting life on Facebook.

Year: 2012