behind the story 


behind the story

BILD, UFA Fiction and UFA LAB started the online video project „Behind the Story“. The focus of the new online video format is on the three BILD reporters Paul Ronzheimer, Kai Psotta and Dora Varo, who report about politics, sports and society and whose daily reporter-lives are documented by a camera. Their stories – which range from snapshots about news to personal insights into sensitivies and thoughts – are published on their own presented channels on YouTube and Facebook. Each week there are two new videos from each reporter on BILD.de, YouTube and Facebook – plus the audience’s daily feedback on reactions.

YouTube Channel „Behind the story“: http://bit.ly/behindthestory

Paul Ronzheimer’s YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/bts_paulronzheimer

Dora Varro’ YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/bts_doravarro

Kai Psotta’s YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/bts_kaipsotta

Client: Bild

Year: 2015